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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:20 pm 
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Ok, this isn't technically a "new guildie" thing, but it is a favorite story of mine and my Alliance guild and his a guildie applicant kinda thing. This happened a long time ago. On a server far far away.

I was level 60 on my Warrior and was browsing the Auction House for Blacksmithing patterns I didn't have. Then I saw [Plans: Silver Bronzed Shoulders], placed my 50 silver bid and headed over to the mailbox to pick up some of my other auctions I won. (I wanted all the smithing patterns)

I opened my bags and found myself 50 gold poorer! Eek! (50g was a lot back then) I ran back to the Auction House and found out I had mistakenly bid 50g on these plans. That's no good! The seller of the plans was a Warlock named Vicious who's name I won't mention. (Oops! Oh well)

He wasn't online at the time but I made a post on the Deathwing forums and found his guild and tried to find someone who knew him. He finally logged on later that evening. I asked him if he would cancel the auction, I would still pay him 15g for the plans, way more than they were worth, if he would be kind enough to let me recoup some of that money.

He responded that he would think about it, as the auction was on medium timer. Finally, when the auction hit short, I whispered him again, asking if he would be willing to cancel the auction. He responded that he decided he wasn't going to, as he and his Paladin brother needed mount money.

The Warlock and his Paladin brother needed MOUNT money. /sigh
Well, it was after all my mistake. I didn't check my bid first. I chalked this one up to a loss.

Quite a while later (I don't remember how long. The whole situation above was when people were still farming UBRS) my guild had gotten the second Ragnaros kill on the server (by only 30 minutes! And our whole raid was still alive, unlike the to other guild!) and we were recruiting a few individuals.

Well, my guild leader whispered me saying that they had an applicant on the forums they would like me to respond to. Well, they had a young, fledgling, level 60 Warlock who touted himself as a generous person and a team player. Well, my guild leader posted "We're going to turn this application over to our main tank. Perhaps you know him. His name is Aratar."

Application denied.

Principle of the story? Make sure you weren't a jerk to someone in a guld you want to join! Oh, and Karma is . . . . not nice. It made me smile though.


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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 10:29 pm 
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Cryon wrote:
Later, when his armor was red, we put up a repair bot. Unfortunatly, he HS'ed to Org to repair already.

epic fail.

Character: Fumbleknock <Genuine Risk> Kargath

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