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 Post subject: Submit to the WoW Blog Tracker WoW Marks
PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:45 pm 

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Hey Guys,

This is a new project that I have really been working on for a long time, or at least had the idea to do for quite some time. In the past I have tried to research my character and trudged through years of old information concerning WoW in Google only to waste my time on countless outdated posts. So I have created a Tracker that is very intuitive and well organized at or either URL directs to the same place. The idea is to set a central location where players can come to search for the latest buzz about their class, roll, the economy, etc. in a well organized maintained and valuable resource. All searches will return the latest topics surrounding their search ordered by date, and the resource will be easily sorted based on user criteria.

I need your help though, the thing is I am not an omnipotent knowledge base about all of the WoW blogs out there.

If you would be interested in being added to this project from Horde Review I highly encourage you to submit to the tracker. I do have some criteria however:

* You must submit an RSS that you actively maintain yourself and that will only output topics to a certain category that is relevant to the category which you are submitting for. (For example lets not have your affiliate driven articles based around a click-bank guide, or a random post about a blue pop out in your Druid feed)

* Your site can not in anyway violate the EULA, ToS or be of inappropriate content material, the determination of what is inappropriate is in the end reserved to be determined at our discretion.

* When submitting please be specific to what category you feel that your feed fits, you are welcome to suggest a new category as it is still a new project but the end categorization is up to us and where we determine your feed best fits into the tracker. (just live for 2 days at the time fo this writing)

* You are not required to link back to us, but tracking our RSS, linking back to us, or writing an article that lets the world know about this new resource is very much appreciated.

This may become more developed over time but I feel this is enough criteria at the moment.

This site is sub-domained to my top level site which ranks very well within google and will provide a very valuable link back to your site. I will be tracking the RSS feed on my home page as well to provide an additional link back to you that will obviously be time conditional.

I have begun searching and tracking various blogs around the web I may have picked you up already, but if you do not see us tracking you please feel free to stop by:

and click on the contact button to leave me a message about tracking your RSS. I will get back to you as quickly and efficiently as I can.


P.S. If you do not know how to assign a category in your CMS or how to create an RSS that is specific to one topic feel free to contact me and I will try to help you out the best that I can.

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