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 Post subject: Speak Out With Your Geek Out
PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:54 pm 

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After re-reading forum descriptions, this felt like the best place to post this.

I'm not sure how many have heard about the "Speak Out With Your Geek Out" movement, and I wanted to share it because I think it's very applicable to everybody in the Blog Azeroth community!

After the debacle with Gizmodo and Jon Finkel (do not use Gizmodo itself to look this up if you have not heard of it. The author will get paid per visit to the article), writer Monica Valentinelli wanted to curb nerd-rage responses and instead celebrate anything and everything geek--to prove that each and every individual is in some way geeky.

Valentinelli writes in her original call to geeks, "...enticing so-called “nerd rage” inspires me to do something else. It reminds me of all the fun I have, of the fact that properties like Magic: the Gathering and World of Warcraft are incredibly financially successful and a huge part of the overall community, of the friends I’ve made and the hobbies I’ve shared. It makes me want to play Vampire: the Requiem in public or have a Doctor Who marathon. ... And it encourages me to reach out to others who are passionate about “an” interest, to listen to their experiences, too."

So, what does she propose? Take a stance against baiting nerd rage and stereotypes of geeks.

Post about how much you love your geeky hobbies or vocation from Monday, September 12th, 2011 to Friday, September 16th on your blog, website, social media account or in a forum somewhere. Then come here and tell us about it. We'll have a kick-off post where you can stand and be counted.

Let's show the world why we're awesome and why there is nothing wrong with being a geek.

For more information you can visit or visit the FAQ post about the event.

A copy-paste of the first FAQ is definitely a must, though:
Q: So, what are you considering a geek?
A: The minute we define what a geek is someone, somewhere will be excluded. The goal of this event is to fight labels and stereotypes that others would use to describe us. So far, people have spoken up that they feel like a geek because they’re devoted to math, science, their children, comics, games and a myriad of other topics. This event is designed to share our passions in a positive way with the community, to give voice to those of us who are normally afraid to simply love what we love and be who we are.

Please participate! Twitter [#speakgeek]! Facebook! Blog! Pass on the geeky love that we all have somewhere. This is not the time to attack or affront other geeks. This is to show that each and every one of us defines ourself as a geek in one way or another. And to band together and show that being geeky isn't as negative as people may think!

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 Post subject: Re: Speak Out With Your Geek Out
PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:13 pm 
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Sounds rather interesting. I'll take a good look now :)

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